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Chicago, IL, what a pool town! Heck they’ve even got a game named after they’re beloved city “Chicago” or “money ball”. The true heroes behind all the good pool halls and billiards clubs in Chicago are the tireless and expert pool table movers and billiards services that make sure every single pool table in the greater Chicago area are constantly in tip top shape. There is one particularly exceptional pool table moving company that we must mention and you can check out their website here.

Get Your Pool Table Moved By A Chicago Expert

Setting a billiards table has many advantages. From additional sophistication to diversion that is endless, any room is enhanced by the table. A growing number of folks have an interest in purchasing them, because the space improves where they go. This being the case, before making a purchase you should consider several things.

Pool tables come in a variety of sizes, to start with. A lot of people don’t have this type of space within their house, although it’s normal for their sake to be nine feet in length.

a bumper pool tableOnce you’ve determined what its span will be and where you need to set the table, you should discover what you want your own table to appear to be. A variety of designs have appeared which it is possible to decide from because pool tables have existed for so long. Traditionally have 90 degree angles or pool tables are generally quite curvy. Modern designs therefore are slick and have sought a happy medium between both extremes and gently arch.

You should determine what you want your own table when you choose a layout. It’s possible for you to pick one which is a synthetic substance or genuine wood. All that issues whenever choosing the content is whether or not it’s powerful enough to hold the pool table bed up. You’ll avoid repair costs in the future if it’s powerful enough.

The table bed is something which is not easy because it’s made from slate to hold up. Slate has been selected by designers as their content of inclination because it doesn’t warp like wood or synthetics and so over time won’t change game play.

Initially believed was just accessible as a color that is green but now firms are offering more choices. What this means is you’ll be able to pick a color that’ll fit both the room and the table you might be setting in it. With an original shade that is felt the room will be complemented by the table and enhance it even more.

You should get a felt material which is designed particularly to wipe down your felt when you get your table.

Then it’s recommended to get a pool table lamp, when there is not enough light in the room where you’ll be playing billiards. These light fixtures have three lights in a line to ensure enough lighting and hang in the ceiling.

Most places offer construction and free shipping, but some don’t. You must be sure to understand if they’ll before you purchase the table in factoring the price because this will play an enormous part. You should understand what you happen to be going to must spend on every one of these things along with the table to see what your most suitable choice is when comparing costs.

You may find you need an improved pool cue once you’ve been playing for an adequate period of time. If you need to get yourself a cue that is finer you have to be willing to pay a whole lot of cash. You should visit an area pool hall and ask to try someone else’s cue because purchasing a cue can be quite pricey. You can even request a shop to demo what if you enjoy the feel they must see.

Becoming involved in billiards can be quite exciting. Is the boost in buddies who’ll never leave your house if you want to purchase a pool table on your home the only thing you must be skeptical of.

Install An Outdoor Pool Table

So what’s a backyard pool table, what causes it to be appropriate for use outside? The framework is either pressure treated wood like the decking on fiberglass or your veranda that is completely weatherproof. The fabric is treated with a water treatment sort procedure so water is repelled by it.

The only thing that will occur is the fabric color will get bleached over time after exposure to sunlight. To minimize this, consistently cover if you are not playing on it.

The playing experience will be exactly like a pub pool table simply you’ll have bags of room being outside on the veranda and you do not have to worry about not or if you’ve room in the house. Additionally the wooden variations of the outside table can be matched to the color of the spot in your decking, so it is going to blend in nicely.

When not in use say in winter months, the outside pool tables should be covered to prevent other fall debris and leaves getting onto your table. Generally they come with large covers that can be tied until they can be used again to fix them. A very useful little of garden furniture do not you believe?

Proper Pool Stances & Bridges

The bridge is the most crucial element of shooting nicely in billiards. Needless to say, you’ll find lots of methods to go about selecting when playing, which bridge to work with. I myself have changed several occasions to brides. When you initially start off, the most used bridge is the bridge that is open.

object ballThe first and most important factor when practicing billiards is to make sure that you have a properly installed pool table. A properly installed pool table begins by hiring the right pool table moving company. A qualified billiards service will provide trained and experienced billiards service technicians to help transport the pool table. While we had the pool table moved we also had new felt installed.

This entails you resting your cue in addition to your own hand and placing your hand.

Try changing your bridge up in case you discover yourself a drop-off. When you’re able to additionally, try utilizing the railings included in your bridge. Makes lots of the shots more easy because to keep it as constant, you do not have to concentrate as much on your bridge. This works excellent on rest shots. The bridge that is mechanical comes easy too in lots of scenarios.

Simple Cue Position

The simplest would be to create a fist by means of your finger knuckles on the dining table. From here, simply lift your thumb a little and allow cue rest between the others of your own hand as well as your thumb. It can get the work done and is easy. In the event you are planning to use English a bridge that is shut is the most suitable.


This helps to ensure that you just will not miscue generally. This is also the preferable approach when breaking. Miscuing on a split is really embarrassing so be sure to make use of a shut bridge to aid your opportunities.

The Basics of Billiards & A Brief History

riverside-cuesBilliards is not very young, using its development extending all of the way back. At one point in history the cue sport of billiards was really called “billiards,” and in fact was referred to as such in Mother Hubbard’s Narrative. The name was initially based on the comparatively basic undeniable fact that it is participated in using the application, as anyone should have the ability to essentially see.

Billiards Leagues & Clubs

Billiards likely is not going to be, any time in the not too distant future, a first selection for a lot of children now as a supply of amusement using the easily-attainable amusement offered to every one of them within quiet and the relaxation of the bedrooms with T.V. and video games. But because these video games may be used inside the bedroom it empowers themselves to efficiently alienate from the planet that exists outside their house. Exists the sport of pool’s beauty: socialization.

Nevertheless, billiards takes a kind of focus which is just missing entirely in the pool leagues other varieties as well as game titles of on demand, instantaneous amusement which exist in this modern era.

The real easy way to increase your pool playing skill is to get a pool table of your own. We found a very helpful Riverside website that was very useful. Finding a good used pool table to buy is only half the battle. Once the sale is made you will need a professional that can move and install the pool table for you.

Manual dexterity is required by Billiards. So that you can play pool you have to learn to manipulate not only your fingers to form the different types of bridges, but additionally the arching of the back,, the placement of the shoulders, the angle of the elbows, and where to even grasp the cue. There really are a vast array of other features of the structure of billiards that is only able to be be programmed into your brain and muscles together with the help of professional education, and through endless repetition. Command doesn’t happen until the appropriate body positioning an issue of just subconscious muscle memory, although it may, actually, be actively detected. Muscle memory is the ability for the body to remember the best way to go to execute certain group of activities, and where to grasp.
Billiards (or “billiards”) is challenging, but this greater challenge is part of what makes it pleasurable. A player that is good has to be able to emotionally bear the altering and switching surroundings in the silent of a family club room that is private loud pub where maybe several people have had too much to drink. Practices that necessitate greater allotments of focus to interact in frequently additionally need a larger amount of first energy input signal to develop to even a beginner degree of skillfulness, but as the problem raises thus, really, does the amount of pleasure that could be based on the practice.

Safe & Organized Pool

clean pool

A Clean Pool Is A Safe Pool

Pools are a fun way to get exercise and while away the time during summer. They can also be a breeding ground for contagions and waterborne illnesses if not properly maintained. You should allot 6-8 hours per week for pool maintenance.

First of all make sure that proper safety and rescue devices are in clear sight and ready to be used. Safety and rescue equipment should not be stacked underneath things like pool cleaning supplies or locked in a storage room. Proper safety placards and CPR & First Aid instructions should be easily legible and in plain sight. A good place to get some emergency response training is Region 4 Rescue, they provide the best CPR classes Sacramento has to offer. They also provide some of the most straightforward and easy first-aid certification Sacramento has as well. Sacramento is a very active and fun place to visit, see more about Sacramento here.


  • Use your skimmer to remove debris from the pool surface.
  • Clean out strainer baskets.
  • Clean hard surfaces like lounge chairs or tables with disinfectants to prevent the spread of staph and other germs.


  • Vacuum your pool walls and floor.
  • Use a brush on the walls and floor as well to prevent algae buildup and calcium deposits. Choose a stiff brush for concrete or plaster walls, and a softer one for vinyl, fiberglass, or tile surfaces.
  • Check the Ph, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and free available chlorine level of your pool. Superchlorinate, or “shock” the pool if necessary.
  • Check the water level. If it falls below the level of the skimmer, your pumps can be damaged.
  • Check filters. How often pool filters need cleaning depends upon how often a pool is used and the type of filters. A good indication your filter needs cleaning is when the increase of flow between the pressure gauge and flow meter reaches 10-15 lbs (4.5-6.8 kg) per square inch.
  • Clean pool toys to prevent the spread of germs and waterborne illness.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of keeping your pool clean comes down to the basic hygiene of each swimmer. Establish a specific set of rules for your pool to keep bacteria and other biological contaminants at bay.

  • Always shower before swimming. Although this seems counterintuitive, experts estimate that each swimmer carries an average of 10 g of fecal matter on their body. This is especially true for children.
  • Schedule frequent potty breaks for small children. Urine reacts with the chlorine in the pool to produce harmful chemicals.
  • If your pool has an overwhelming chlorine smell to it, it can be an indication of urine in the water. Shock your pool to sanitize it and get rid of the small.

Billiards Maintenance

Protect Your Pool Table Felt

pool table felt

Purchasing or owning a pool table is a big investment. It took a lot to obtain that Pool table now it’s time to take steps to take care of it. If you can take good care of your Pool table then it will last you many years of fun.

The easy way to do this is basically not doing things to destroy it. Hear are some things NOT to do to your billiards table:
▪    Accumulation of too much dust
▪    Digging cue tips into the felt table top
▪    Dirty-damaged balls
▪    Pets – dogs, cats, hamsters – etc
▪    Rings, watches that could drag on felt table top
▪    Absurd objects like money (when placing friendly wagers)
▪    The elements – excessive moisture and heat
▪    Using table as a chair
▪    Excessive exposure to direct sunlight

OK, we want you to enjoy your table but we also don’t want you to put your table into a “bubble” that “no one can touch” that’s not cool! But if you follow some simple steps and procedures you can actually pass down your table to your children, now that’s way cool.

Chalk Can Ruin Your Pool Table Felt

First of all keep your table super clean, yes clean after every session. This will keep your table felt/cloth in good playing condition for many years. Chalk build up can act as an abrasive and the moving balls will actuate this abrasive , breaking down the felt table cover little by little. So how do we keep our tables clean? Sweeping towards pocket holes or using a vacuum to suck up the chalk will work very good.  Just remember to be gentle when cleaning up your pool table.

Other dangers to your billiards table covering are wrist watches getting snagged on the table top causing damage to your felt. Also don’t let players dig their pool cues into your table top, if they aren’t up to par when it comes to masse or jump shots, ask them to pass.

Sunburnt Pool Table Covering

Now, have you ever been sunburnt?  Ok, so we all know that the sun has the power to damage ones skin, but can it damage your pool table felt? Heck ya! The most obvious damage that the sun causes is fading, right, we’ve all seen what the sun can do to our couches, thats why we have shades. One very effective way of blocking sunlight damage to pool tables is: a pool table cover! Super easy and super effective. You can also get a little technical and install UV blocking residential tint on your windows, now thats cool.

What about moisture? What can it do? There is alway mold. But the actual damage comes from lack of moisture! What?! Yes, the lack of moisture causes the wood on your pool table to crack. Humidity at 50% is an ideal condition for a billiards room. If you’re area is continuously dry then adding humidity via a humidifier is a good idea. Avoid blowing warm dry air into your billiards room if you have central heating/air.

Never let anybody sit on your table. Thats just rude. First of all, your table should be very precisely leveled, do you really want some dope head ruining your playing surface? Of course not. And there is always the chance that the rubber side cushions could pop right off, seriously! I would probably be arrested short after someone did that to my table.

OK. Most of all just use common sense and your pool table and its playing surface will last for many, many years to come. Now if you’re pool table needs any service or maintenance what so ever, please visit our friends:

Why Not Get Your Own Pool Table

All The Fun – In The Convenience of Your Own Home

in home pool tableYou don’t need a professional pool table to have some fun at home. I mean come on your not going to be hosting tournaments at your house! It’s all fun and games until somebody shoots a ball right of the table through the kitchen window. But seriously all you really need is the space.


But if you’re looking for something a little more solid than just a play table you’re gonna have to dish out some dough. A good table is built solid, heavy enough to with stand bumps and with a solid slate playing surface. Slate does warp over time and a won’t give any or bow. These solid built tables will stand the test of time, not to mention drunk friends and naughty kids! If they were to actually damage your billiards table seek a pro billiards repair service.


The slate playing surface(covered by felt of course) is heavy than the weight of sin. It requires much to hold that weight so in turn the table itself must be heavy and solidly crafted. You can easily pay one thousand dollars for such a table, used! A new table of this caliber may run several thousands of dollars with more ornate tables into the tens of thousands! Find a good pool table moving service and save your table and your back from injury!


A good table with retain it’s value and give many years of joy and good service to respectful owners. The fact that these table are so heavy and solid requires complete dis-assembly when trying to move such a piece of furniture from on location to another. The San Diego Pool Table Moving Company is a professional service that will come out and completely break down the billiards table and relocate and rebuild the table for a reasonable fee. This fee is nothing compared to the anguish and agony that one would suffer if he foolishly tried to move his own pool table(silly old chap).


There are plenty of good bars, halls and even bowling lanes with nice billiards tables but why not enjoy shooting some pool in the comfort of your own home with a nice scotch or brandy to keep you warm. Just think of the convenience not to mention the avoidance and shamefulness of be accosted by some bored old boy in blue trying to make an example of you. Play it safe, pun intended, get your own billiards table  and enjoy many nights with friends and family at your side. Visit the Billiard Congress of America website for some great information about joining a league in your area.

Cue Stick

Billiards is an awesome game. Billiards is a good hobby. It is a game of skill and leisure. Learning to play billiards is fun and easy. Another benefit is that it is not very expensive to play. Now if you are looking to buy a billiards table it could be expensive. But you don’t need your own billiards table. There are many places to play billiards at. You could start by checking your local bowling alley. Then you could see if there is a billiards club. If you do need a resource for moving a billiards table check out For more info on general billiards history find it here.

Old Friends playing a game of poolThe first thing you might want to attain is a cue stick. Most billiards facilities have cue sticks that you can borrow. It is really nice to have your own. I prefer having my own cue stick, it is pretty awesome. Every person should have a custom billiards cue stick. It is also nice to have a custom case for your cue stick. You should really consider buying a cue stick. You will really enjoy having a cue stick of your own. You will thank me once you have experienced it.

The next thing on the list is having a partner. Now this is not essential but it’s a good idea. Having a partner is like having a friend. You and your partner will have fun together. Having a billiards partner is great. You will have so much fun with your partner. The two of you will learn how to play billiards faster. It is best to learn billiards with a friend.

Now things get tricky. You need to learn billiards etiquette. Playing billiards is very fun but you need to know the rules. If you follow the rules then no one will get mad at you. If you do not follow the rules you might make someone angry. If you make someone angry it is very possible that they may punch you in the face. The avoid violence learn the rules. If you do get a bar stool broken over your head and you need the services of a billiards repair shop, please find a local billiards service for help.

Playing billiards can be very gratifying. Stay with it and you will see for yourself. You and any friends that join you will have fun. You will socialize and learn a new skill at the same time. You can have a great time and make even more friends. Please make sure to learn the rules and be polite. You will become a great billiards player and make friends. Have a great time and remember not to drink alcohol and drive because this is dangerous. Thanks to our friends at the Pool Table Movers Chicago, Illinois for they’re contribution to this article, please visit their site :