Billiards Maintenance

Protect Your Pool Table Felt

pool table felt

Purchasing or owning a pool table is a big investment. It took a lot to obtain that Pool table now it’s time to take steps to take care of it. If you can take good care of your Pool table then it will last you many years of fun.

The easy way to do this is basically not doing things to destroy it. Hear are some things NOT to do to your billiards table:
▪    Accumulation of too much dust
▪    Digging cue tips into the felt table top
▪    Dirty-damaged balls
▪    Pets – dogs, cats, hamsters – etc
▪    Rings, watches that could drag on felt table top
▪    Absurd objects like money (when placing friendly wagers)
▪    The elements – excessive moisture and heat
▪    Using table as a chair
▪    Excessive exposure to direct sunlight

OK, we want you to enjoy your table but we also don’t want you to put your table into a “bubble” that “no one can touch” that’s not cool! But if you follow some simple steps and procedures you can actually pass down your table to your children, now that’s way cool.

Chalk Can Ruin Your Pool Table Felt

First of all keep your table super clean, yes clean after every session. This will keep your table felt/cloth in good playing condition for many years. Chalk build up can act as an abrasive and the moving balls will actuate this abrasive , breaking down the felt table cover little by little. So how do we keep our tables clean? Sweeping towards pocket holes or using a vacuum to suck up the chalk will work very good.  Just remember to be gentle when cleaning up your pool table.

Other dangers to your billiards table covering are wrist watches getting snagged on the table top causing damage to your felt. Also don’t let players dig their pool cues into your table top, if they aren’t up to par when it comes to masse or jump shots, ask them to pass.

Sunburnt Pool Table Covering

Now, have you ever been sunburnt?  Ok, so we all know that the sun has the power to damage ones skin, but can it damage your pool table felt? Heck ya! The most obvious damage that the sun causes is fading, right, we’ve all seen what the sun can do to our couches, thats why we have shades. One very effective way of blocking sunlight damage to pool tables is: a pool table cover! Super easy and super effective. You can also get a little technical and install UV blocking residential tint on your windows, now thats cool.

What about moisture? What can it do? There is alway mold. But the actual damage comes from lack of moisture! What?! Yes, the lack of moisture causes the wood on your pool table to crack. Humidity at 50% is an ideal condition for a billiards room. If you’re area is continuously dry then adding humidity via a humidifier is a good idea. Avoid blowing warm dry air into your billiards room if you have central heating/air.

Never let anybody sit on your table. Thats just rude. First of all, your table should be very precisely leveled, do you really want some dope head ruining your playing surface? Of course not. And there is always the chance that the rubber side cushions could pop right off, seriously! I would probably be arrested short after someone did that to my table.

OK. Most of all just use common sense and your pool table and its playing surface will last for many, many years to come. Now if you’re pool table needs any service or maintenance what so ever, please visit our friends: