Why Not Get Your Own Pool Table

All The Fun – In The Convenience of Your Own Home

in home pool tableYou don’t need a professional pool table to have some fun at home. I mean come on your not going to be hosting tournaments at your house! It’s all fun and games until somebody shoots a ball right of the table through the kitchen window. But seriously all you really need is the space.


But if you’re looking for something a little more solid than just a play table you’re gonna have to dish out some dough. A good table is built solid, heavy enough to with stand bumps and with a solid slate playing surface. Slate does warp over time and a won’t give any or bow. These solid built tables will stand the test of time, not to mention drunk friends and naughty kids! If they were to actually damage your billiards table seek a pro billiards repair service.


The slate playing surface(covered by felt of course) is heavy than the weight of sin. It requires much to hold that weight so in turn the table itself must be heavy and solidly crafted. You can easily pay one thousand dollars for such a table, used! A new table of this caliber may run several thousands of dollars with more ornate tables into the tens of thousands! Find a good pool table moving service and save your table and your back from injury!


A good table with retain it’s value and give many years of joy and good service to respectful owners. The fact that these table are so heavy and solid requires complete dis-assembly when trying to move such a piece of furniture from on location to another. The San Diego Pool Table Moving Company is a professional service that will come out and completely break down the billiards table and relocate and rebuild the table for a reasonable fee. This fee is nothing compared to the anguish and agony that one would suffer if he foolishly tried to move his own pool table(silly old chap).


There are plenty of good bars, halls and even bowling lanes with nice billiards tables but why not enjoy shooting some pool in the comfort of your own home with a nice scotch or brandy to keep you warm. Just think of the convenience not to mention the avoidance and shamefulness of be accosted by some bored old boy in blue trying to make an example of you. Play it safe, pun intended, get your own billiards table  and enjoy many nights with friends and family at your side. Visit the Billiard Congress of America website for some great information about joining a league in your area.